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Delicious Way To Cook Beans

Many prefer to eat beans, which are distinguished in Arab countries as a popular and indispensable food during breakfast times, as beans contain a lot of proteins and fibers that nourish the body, and Egyptian beans are one of the most famous types of beans; Because Egypt is the largest bean-producing country, and there are ways to prepare beans, including in salads, and fava beans, and beans cooked with onions and sometimes eggs, and we will present to you how to make beans in several ways.

How to Cook Canned Beans with Tomatoes


  • Love bean box.
  • Tomato bean.
  • Sweet green pepper.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Onion head.
  • Two garlic cloves.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Cumin, salt

How to prepare

  • Using canned beans keeps us from boiling beans, which takes a long time to mature, and in this way we will make a delicious dish of beans in the Egyptian and Saudi way. The first step is to take out the beans from the can and wash them, then put them in a bowl and use a fork or spoon to mash it well.
  • We bring the onions and chop them into cubes, as well as peel the tomatoes and cut them into cubes, and green peppers can be cut into thin slices or in the form of squares, and finally we mash the garlic, and we put olive oil in the pan and add onions, garlic and green peppers and stir for three minutes until the ingredients wilt a little, and then Add mashed beans.
  • After adding the beans, we add the tomatoes on top of it, and sometimes the tomatoes are placed before the beans until they wilt, then add the beans on top of them, and I personally prefer the second method, and then add salt and cumin and add black pepper as desired, and the maturity of the beans is only fifteen minutes.

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