January 22, 2023

    How to Make the Egyptian Petitfour (Butter Cookies Recipe)

    How to Make the Egyptian Petit Four (Butter Cookies or Petitfour) What is Petitfour? Egyptian petitfour (butter cookies) is a…
    February 25, 2023

    Spelt: Benefits And Side Effects To The Body

    Spelt, also known as dinkel wheat or hulled wheat, is an ancient grain that has been grown for thousands of…
    March 28, 2022

    Mayonnaise Without Egg Recipes

    Mayonnaise Without Egg Recipes The Nutritional Value Of Mayonnaise Each tablespoon of mayonnaise without eggs contains: Calories 35.0 kcal Fat…
    Turkish Recipes
    April 17, 2022

    How to Make Salep (Sahlab) Recipe

    How to Make Salep (Sahlab) Recipe What is Salep (Sahlab)? Salep (Sahlab) is a hot beverage made with milk and…
    Fish & Seafood
    February 6, 2023

    Shrimp: benefits and side effects to the body

    Shrimps are crustaceans that live not only in the seas around the world, but also in fresh water. They are…
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