February 11, 2024

    Cauliflower: Health Benefits And Side Effects

    The History Of Cauliflower Previously, cabbage was called Syrian, since it is believed that it was first bred in Syria,…
    March 23, 2022

    Syrian Recipe For Balah el-Sham (Mini Chorrus)

    Syrian Recipe For Balah el-Sham Balah el-Sham/ Mini churros Balah el-Sham sweets (mini chorrus) are considered one of the most…
    February 6, 2024

    An Easy Way To Make Pastries

    Burak with cheese Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Serves: 8 people Ingredients: A cup of flour. Half…
    January 30, 2024

    How to Prepare a dough in 10 Minutes

    The ten-minute dough is one of the types of dough that housewives use greatly, because it is used in most…
    February 11, 2024

    Tuna: Health Benefits And Side Effects

    Predatory marine fish from the mackerel family is found in subtropical and temperate waters, preys on crustaceans, cephalopods and small…
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