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How to Make the Egyptian Petitfour (Butter Cookies Recipe)

How to Make the Egyptian Petit Four (Butter Cookies or Petitfour)

What is Petitfour?

Egyptian petitfour (butter cookies) is a traditional Middle Eastern pastry that is often served as a delicacy at special occasions and holidays. The pastry can be made from a combination of many ingredients; for example semolina flour, butter, and sugar and is filled with a variety of sweet fillings, such as dates, nuts, pistachios and jams.

How To Prepare Egyptian Petitfour

Egyptian Petitfour Ingredients

  • Two cups of white flour.
  • A small pinch of salt.
  • A cup of soft butter.
  • Half a cup of finely ground sugar.
  • an egg.
  • A teaspoon of liquid vanilla.
  • Three tablespoons of cocoa powder, gentlemen.
  • big spoon of flowers water.

Egyptian Petitfour Preparation Method

  • Prepare the oven at 180 degrees Celsius, then install the middle rack.
  • Bring oven trays with a short edge.
  • Put the flour and salt in a large bowl, then stir the ingredients well until they are completely mixed.
  • Put the butter and sugar in the bowl of the electric mixer, then install the paddle attachment, and run it on medium speed until the mixture becomes a creamy and fluffy texture.
  • Add both eggs and vanilla, then turn the mixer on again on medium speed until the egg traces disappear, then add the blossom water.
  • Add the flour mixture, then install the stirring paddle, and run it on medium speed until the materials mix to get a soft dough.
  • Put in a decorating bag fitted with a decorative funnel half the amount of dough.
  • Press the bag over the oven tray so that a piece of the decorated petitfour drops, then complete the formation of the rest of the quantity, making sure to leave a distance of one centimeter between each piece and the other.
  • Bring the rest of the dough, then add the amount of cocoa, and mix well, until you have a chocolate dough.
  • Shape the pieces of chocolate-flavored petitfour, and shape them as you did with the first half of the dough, then put a piece of white petitfour on top of a piece of black petitfour, and so on until all the quantity is finished, so that you know the time of maturity of the grains.
  • Put the trays in the oven, and leave them for ten minutes, until the bottom of the pan becomes golden.
  • Put the finished kernels on a metal grid until completely cooled.


Egyptian Petitfour Decoration & Fillings

Some popular decorations and fillings options for the Egyptian butter cookies can include:

  1. Dates: Dates are a traditional filling for butter cookies and give the pastry a sweet and natural flavour. They can also be used as a decoration on top of the pastry, giving it a visually appealing look.
  2. Nuts: Nuts such as pistachios, almonds and walnuts can be used as a filling for petitfour. These nuts can be chopped and mixed with sugar, honey or syrup to create a sweet and crunchy filling.
  3. Spices: Traditional Middle Eastern spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom can be added to the dough or the filling to give the pastry a unique and distinct flavour.
  4. Rose Water: Rose water is a popular flavouring agent in Middle Eastern cuisine, and can be added to the dough or the filling to give the pastry a subtle floral aroma.
  5. Chocolate: Chocolate chips or cocoa powder can be added to the dough or the filling to create a chocolate flavoured pastry.
  6. Pistachio paste: Pistachio paste can be used as a filling and decoration. It gives the pastry a green colour and a nutty flavour.
  7. Sugar Syrup: A sugar syrup can be drizzled on top of the pastry before baking, which will give it a sweet and sticky texture and a shine appearance.
  8. Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds can be added to the dough or used as a decoration, giving the pastry a nutty and crunchy texture.

Butter Cookies Decorating Method

  • Arrange the ready-made petitfours in a serving dish, then put the melted chocolate in a spoon, pass it over the grains in the form of lines, then sprinkle the nuts on top.
  • Bring a brush for oil, dip it in the jam, then wipe the kernels, sprinkle with shredded coconut, and arrange in a serving dish.

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