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How to Properly Store Strawberries

Juicy summer berries are a real treat and a valuable source of nutrients. Strawberries ripen early, but quickly deteriorate due to oxidation processes and therefore require careful handling.

The berries are easy to cook, easy to boil, dry and freeze. By understanding how to properly store strawberries, you can enjoy fresh taste throughout the year with health benefits.

Interesting facts about strawberries

Distribution in the world Strawberries are one of the most popular garden crops. Over 300 varieties of strawberries are grown around the globe
About the title In Russian, strawberries are called different varieties of strawberries with large berries.
Berry or not Botanically speaking, strawberries and wild strawberries are not berries. This type of fruit is called “strawberry”
Vitamin C 100 g of berries contain 98% of the daily requirement of vitamin
seeds Unlike most plants, the seeds of strawberries are not inside, but outside the berries. Botanists call them “dry nuts”
Glycemic index (GI) Strawberries have a low glycemic index – 25 GI, it is allowed for diabetes

How to store fresh strawberries after purchase

Self-grown berries are better than store-bought ones, but not everyone has a dacha. If you want to buy strawberries, choose a market or a store that has conditions for storing perishable products. Take a basket or container with you to bring the tender berries to the house whole and not crush on the way.

1. How to choose strawberries in a store or market

Pay attention to the appearance and smell. Ripe strawberries have a pleasant, intense aroma and bright color. Dull, too dark and brownish berries should not be taken. The green tail speaks of freshness. Large size is not necessarily evidence of sweet taste.

Here’s what it recommends Sergey Mikheev, brand chef of the Kroshka-Kartoshka network:

– To keep strawberries fresh longer, you first need to choose the right berries themselves. They should be about the same ripeness, without defects, as even small bruises or rot will lead to rapid deterioration. In this case, strawberries will have to be used immediately, they will not be stored for a long time.

After the purchase, you should immediately sort out the berries. Save the stalks – strawberries will get nutrients from them for a while and will last a little longer fresh. It is better not to wash the berries in advance – a humid environment accelerates spoilage.

2. What to do with berries at home

Shares tips family nutritionist Tamara Rau:

Choosing organic strawberries or growing them yourself at home can help you enjoy the taste and benefits of this beautiful berry while minimizing the potential risks associated with pesticides. If you buy strawberries from a store, it’s a good idea to thoroughly rinse the berries before eating to remove pesticide residue and other contaminants. This can be done by placing the strawberries in a bowl of cold water for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the berries thoroughly under running water and pat dry with paper towels.


How to store strawberries for the winter at home

Photo: Soeren Stache,

The harvesting method depends on what result you want to get. If you need to fully preserve the vitamins, freezing is suitable. Strawberries can be dried or ground with sugar to make a sweet dessert.

1. How to choose strawberries for harvesting

For home-made preparations, berries just bought or picked in the garden are suitable. Strawberries must be absolutely fresh, without barrels spoiled by mold or pests.

2. How to freeze berries

A temperature of -18°C is the best storage conditions. Pre-strawberries are cleaned of sepals, washed and dried with a towel. In the freezer, it is convenient to pack the berries in plastic containers or sealed plastic bags.

Advises family nutritionist Tamara Rau:

– It is ideal to freeze strawberries, and not to dry, and even more so not to make jam. Frozen strawberries retain all their benefits, but when dried, some of the vitamins are lost. For example, C is a water-soluble vitamin. If we dry berries, we cannot preserve water-soluble vitamins. There is very little benefit in strawberry jam, because vitamin C is destroyed during cooking.

3. How to dry strawberries

Dried strawberries are good for adding to teas, cereals and pastries. Berries cut into plates can be dried in an oven at a temperature of 60 ° C for 8-10 hours. To achieve the desired result, turn the strawberries from time to time.

For several days, strawberry slices can be dried in the air. The main thing is to keep the baking sheet in a well-lit, ventilated place and do not forget to turn the berries over.

It is also convenient to use a microwave or electric dryer to dry berries.

4. How to cook jam or jam

Medium-sized berries of approximately the same size are suitable for jam. The recipe is simple. Whole or scrolled berries are boiled with sugar in the following proportion: for 1 kg of strawberries – from 0.4 kg to 1 kg of sugar. In this case, you need to remove the foam. Cook until desired thickness is obtained.

If you want to preserve vitamins as much as possible, cook for five minutes. To do this, pour the peeled and washed berries with sugar 1: 0.4 and put them in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. Then boil the strawberries together with the resulting juice for 5 minutes and roll them into sterilized jars.

5. How to grind strawberries with sugar

Want to do without cooking? Grind clean berries, add sugar 1:1 and mix thoroughly. Put the resulting mixture in clean jars, pour sugar on top, close the lids and store in the refrigerator.

6. Preserve berries or juice

A kilogram of washed strawberries is poured into 0.5 kg of sugar and left overnight. Fill sterilized jars with berries and the resulting juice, sterilize for 15-20 minutes and cork with lids.

Sometimes homemade canned compote is made from one strawberry or with the addition of other berries. Another popular preparation is strawberry juice. 0.1 kg of sugar is added to 1 liter of squeezed juice, sterilized, bottled or bottled and corked.

How long can strawberries be stored in the refrigerator without

This treat has an expiration date. In order not to harm your health, it is important to know how long the berries do not spoil at room temperature and in the refrigerator.

1. Fresh berries

Freshly picked berries can be kept in the room for no more than 12 hours.

Brand Chef Sergey Mikheev advises:

– It is better to store strawberries at a temperature of +0 … + 5 ° С in a well-ventilated dish in 1-2 layers so that the berries do not crumple under the weight of each other. Do not keep strawberries in bags – this way they will retain their freshness and appearance for up to 4 days. At temperatures above +10°C, the shelf life is no more than 2 days. The less temperature fluctuations, the better the berries will be preserved. It is not recommended to keep strawberries together with other berries. Gooseberries, for example, can damage it due to their heaviness and elasticity, while blueberries or raspberries, on the contrary, are softer: they will crumple themselves and spoil the strawberries with excess juice.

2. Washed strawberries


Strawberries have such a delicate skin that it is best to wash it just before eating. Pre-washed strawberries do not withstand long-term storage, lose their beneficial properties and quickly deteriorate. If you really need to, store the washed berries in the freezer.

3. Sugared Strawberries

This preparation can only be kept in the refrigerator. At room temperature, strawberries grated with sugar will quickly oxidize and cannot be eaten.

4. Dried strawberries

Properly dried berries do not spoil until a new harvest, that is, for 6-9 months. It is best to store strawberries in bags made of gauze or natural fabric so that there is air circulation. And be sure to keep in a place where there is no direct sunlight and dust. Another option is to store dried strawberries in sealed glass jars. In any case, you need to regularly, at least a couple of times a month, check the content.

5. Strawberries in the freezer

The shelf life of fresh berries and strawberries grated with sugar depends on the temperature in the freezer. At -12°С – 3 months, at -15°С – up to 6 months, and at -18°С – up to one year.

6. Dried strawberries

Dried berries are best stored in a cool place, in glass or ceramic jars. Then they do not lose their qualities until two years.

7. Strawberries in chocolate

A delicate dessert made from fresh berries should not be kept at room temperature. In the refrigerator at +2°C … +6°C, it will not deteriorate for 36 hours.

Easy and Delicious Strawberry Recipes

Together with experts, we offer several recipes that will help you look at eating strawberries in a new way.

1. Strawberry jelly

A light summer dessert made from fresh strawberries is much tastier than store-bought. Preparing fragrant jelly is not difficult at all



fresh strawberries 400 g
Water 350 ml
Granulated sugar 3 art. spoon
Gelatin 10 g


Pour gelatin with 50 ml of cold boiled water, mix and leave to swell for 20 minutes. In a small saucepan or saucepan, dissolve the sugar in the remaining water, bring to a boil and add 200 g of strawberries. Then remove from heat, put the berries in a colander and stir the gelatin in the syrup. We cut the remaining fresh strawberries into 4 parts, put them in bowls, pour syrup over them and put them in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours until completely solidified.

2. Strawberry smoothie with yogurt and mint

Recipe from nutritionist Tamara Rau. This drink is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so it can be an excellent choice for breakfast or a healthy snack. Smoothies will help you feel the refreshing taste of berries and get a boost of energy for the whole day. Instead of honey, you can put a natural sweetener

Photo: Rirri,



Place strawberries, milk, honey in a blender and mix until smooth and uniform texture. If the smoothie is too thick, you can add a little more milk. Serve in a tall glass or glass, garnished with fresh mint leaves. To give the drink a refreshing coolness, add a few ice cubes.

3. Homemade juice

Recipe from the brand chef of the Kroshka-Kartoshka cafe chain Sergey Mikheev. If you want to get all the benefits and taste of berries in the summer, make a homemade berry drink – fruit drink. To prepare ahead of time, dilute with non-carbonated water and bring to a boil. Then the juice can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

Photo: Growth + Co.,


Strawberry big handful
Basil small bunch
Mint small bunch
fresh ginger root Multiple slices
Carbonated or still water 1 l
honey or sugar Taste


Rub strawberries, herbs and ginger together with water and honey until smooth. If you want to chill, add ice and let steep for 15 minutes.

Popular questions and answers

Family nutritionist Tamara Rau answers questions.

How long does it take for fresh strawberries to spoil?

Fresh strawberries can be consumed within 2-3 days after purchase or harvest. However, these terms may vary depending on the degree of maturity and quality of the berries.

What is the best temperature to store strawberries?

It is recommended to store in a refrigerator at a temperature of +2…+4°С. Such conditions slow down the spoilage processes, preserve the taste and texture of the berry for up to 5-7 days. It is important to remember: the longer strawberries are stored, the more useful properties, freshness and quality they lose.

Is it possible to store fresh strawberries in the same container with other berries?

Fresh strawberries are recommended to be stored separately from other berries. This is due to the fact that it can release ethylene gas, a plant hormone that promotes accelerated ripening and spoilage of other fruits and berries. To avoid the influence of ethylene on other products, it is recommended to store strawberries in a separate container or use special containers for storing fruits and vegetables.

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